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About Tiroler Rohre

Tiroler Rohre sees itself as a traditional Tyrolean company manufacturing pipe and piling systems made of ductile iron for the water industry and for deep foundation engineering. The company operates world-wide, with Europe being its core market. Since 1947 the activities of Tiroler Rohre have been geared to quality, safety, mutual trust and respect.

Best Practice with Austrian Standards

Heavy Metal

“We develop and manufacture high-quality ductile cast iron piping systems for transporting water. Using standards, we put the focus on the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers. Standards are not merely a sign of innovation and robust materials, but also of sound project management.”

Dipl. Ing. Max Kloger, CEO | Tiroler Rohre GmbH

Standards used

ÖNORM B 2599-1
ÖNORM B 2599-2
ÖNORM B 2567
ÖNORM B 2560
ÖNORM B 2562
ÖNORM B 2597